Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Omniture Insgiht Certified Professional Analyst Training and Certification

I went through Omniture Insight Analyst Training.

Some of the topics covered in Omniture Insight Analyst training were:

• Omniture Insight Overview
• Introduction to Insight
• Client User Interface
• Dataset Schema
• Interpreting Selections
• Segment Creation in Insight
• Publishing Reports and Templates
• Metrics Creation
• Application Structure Customization
• Latency Tables
• The Filter Editor
• Detail Tables
• Path Browser
• Process Maps

After completion of the training and lab we have to appear for Insight certification which was 3Hrs long classroom test. It reminded me of my engineering 3Hrs long examinations. Exam was really tricky and was not as simple as I thought of. Since, it was classroom test so it’ll take 2-3 weeks for the results. My fingers are crossed for the results.

I found this training useful and interesting. The instructor was good and explained each topic in detail.

I was specifically interested in Regular expressions and Filter editor topics. I’ll try to post my learning’s and application of the tool in subsequent posts. This tool will really helpful to do in-depth analysis of your online/offline data. At present I don’t know any other web analytics tool having the same capabilities as Omniture Insight. We have do Unlimited segmentation, can get granular level of detail.

Path Browser is really cool feature you might be interested in using Insight. You can define metrics by your own. You can customize the tool. You can play around with it and can get amazing learning.

In my next posts I’ll try to explain about the features/capabilities of insight.

Keep smiling and happy Learning!
Suchet Vatish


Santoshi said...


Thanks for the information.
As you have already attended the training, if possible can you let me know how to create a worksheet in insight. As you know google has very less info about insight, your response will help me a lot in my work.

Suchet said...

Santoshi: I'll write a post on this and will update my blog very soon. Stay tuned.

Anonymous said...


I am tuned but there is no signal from your side.

Write the post and tell me when to tune next :).


Anonymous said...

Your point is usefule for our team. Thanks!

Suchet said...

Here is the link
Omniture Insight Worksheet Feature