Friday, August 14, 2009

Web Analytics Training and Certifications

There are a few training/educational institutes or vendor that is providing web analytics tools training and certification across the web analytics ecosystem. So I am trying to provide you the information I collated. I’ll also try to update this post whenever I’ll find some more information. Till now I am providing you the information I already have. If someone has additional information other than these, please share with others by posting comments. Web analytics are more than clickstream analysis; it is more than conversion rate and numbers as well. There is a deep demand for the web analytics as much as other fields have. Web is now a revenue channel for most companies and many aspirants wants to learn and apply their knowledge in this channel. With the entry of big organizations like Google, Microsoft and Industry leaders of this industry like Omniture, coremetrics, Webtrend and many more the market is exploded with opportunities. So if someone wants to make his/her career in this emerging field then he/she can take some training in web analytics. So here you can find some relevant information.

One of the educational offering by WAA offers web analytics education in partnership with UBC (University of British Columbia) which is online part time course in Web Analytics

Industry Leader in Web Analytics also provides similar kind of course for their tools only. For more information about training in web trends you can visit to Web Trends website and direct link to training program is

Adaera also provides this kind of training in web analytics. You can visit their website

Omniture offers certification in web analytics for professional in this field. For more information of how to be certified for sitecatalyst you can visit Omniture

E-consultancy offers various seminar and sessions for analytics/online marketing . You can visit their website
There are some certification provided by the world leading organizations in the e-marketing and web analytics area. Some of these certification provided by Omniture, Visual science and Indextools and web analytics association.Check these links
In addition to this one more course in Information retrieval system is being conducted by Michigan school of Information. For more information you can visit
These courses are more into analytics. But these certifications has advance step in online marketing. Most of the courses are online and for special seminar and training sessions are rarely conducted in India. Aspirants from India have less chance to opt for these courses. Because the presence of the training courses are more in US/UK but not in India. I haven’t heard a single training course here in India although some industry leader or leading analyst conducted some sessions in India. If you want to opt for Omniture training for web analytics. They (Omniture) have certification test center in Delhi (probably NIIT conduct) along with four more cities in India but they haven’t any training center. You hardly find any course in India though you can find these training courses online, these are very costly.
There are some others vendors in marketplace as well. If I find more information I’ll updated this as well.

Note: I am neither referring nor affiliates any of these certifications.

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