Sunday, April 18, 2010

Omniture Certified Professional

Recently, I took my two Omniture certifications and planning to take third (Omniture Insight Analyst) in a week or two.

1. Omniture SiteCatalyst User Training cum Certification – One Day Course (Scored 95%)

2. Omniture SiteCatalyst Advanced Training cum Certification – Three Days extensive Course with Practical exposure (Scored 100%)

Few months back when I passed "Google Analytics individual Certification"; I was thinking to took Omniture as well. Big Thanks to my company who sponsor me for all these trainings and Certifications.

Omniture Sitecatalyst User Certification was very easy; though I scored more in advanced but still user training was much easy. The trainings were followed by certification programs by Omniture University. I found these certifications much easier as I am using Omniture from quite a long time.

Omniture University has created and published this exam guide to help prepare partners, customers and consultants who are actively seeking accreditation in the Omniture Certified Professional program. SiteCatalyst certification exam is intended to verify that the candidate has the skills and knowledge necessary to receive business questions and understand where to find the answer in the SiteCatalyst interface, including how to choose the right settings to customize the report.

Some of the topics covered in Sitecatalyst User training were:

• SiteCatalyst basics – Overview and Objective, What is Sitecatalyst, Login to Omniture Suite, Overview of Knowledge center, Help section etc.
• SiteCatalyst Reports and Metrics - The Process of running reports, Type of Metrics, Custom events, To Run a Traffic Metrics report etc.
• Introduction to Dashboards, Campaign Reports
• Visitor Identification and Segmentation
• Visitor Acquisition
• Path Analysis and Reporting
• Custom Reports
• Visitor Retention
• Calculated Metrics
• Data Extract and Excel Client
• Managing Dashboard etc.

Some of the topics covered in Advanced Sitecatalyst training were:

• Omniture Advanced Tools
• Customizing, Saving and Distributing your SiteCatalyst Reports
• Understanding SiteCatalyst Graphs
• Adding Context to Your Reports Using Targets, Calendar Events and Alerts - SiteCatalyst Targets, Calendar Events and SiteCatalyst Alerts
• Saving Reports, Bookmarking and Distributing Reports
• Expanding SiteCatalyst with Custom Segmentation – Segmentation and its purpose
• Classifications and SAINT
• Campaign Management
• Custom Variables and Reports - Custom Traffic Variables and Reports, Custom Conversion (Success) Events, Custom Conversion Variables (eVars)
• VISTA – Purpose of Vista, Vista Example, Vista Benefits
• Deep Analysis: Going Beyond SiteCatalyst
• Excel Client – Advanced Use of Excel Client
• Data Warehouse
• Advanced Segment Insight (ASI)
• Omniture Insight Introduction
• Taking Action to Improve Your Site

Starting next week, I am going to attend Omniture Insight training cum
certification. I am very excited to attend Omniture Insight course. This is going to be preferred tool for most of the Big Organizations in coming years. With Omniture Visual Science acquisition, Omniture launched this tool sometimes back and named it Omniture Insight or Insight. One tool using which you can slice and dice your data at a very granular level. I love segmentation and this tool helps me to do the level of segmentation I always wanted.

Omniture Insight is an interactive visual analysis and reporting application that provides real-time multi-dimensional metrics analysis, dynamic segmentation, advanced data visualization, and other adhoc analysis capabilities for business professionals, data analysts, and system architects and administrators.

This is going to be a 3 Days detail oriented course. I’ll update some of my learning of this tool in my next post. One of the key tutors from Omniture University was telling us that this certification is tough. Let’s see what will happen but I am quite confident to pass the examination.


Raman said...

Doing gr8 Suchet.
Its better to keep update yourself with the changing world. Keep it up


suchet said...

Thanks! Buddy...

Gargi said...

Suchet, How much the Omniture certification cost?

suchet said...

Gargi: I think 900 USD. I am not much sure since this training and certification was sponsored by my company.

Smriti said...


Do you have any training materials that can be shared?


Suchet said...

Smriti: I have but in print

Sagar said...

Extremely thoughtful and ineteresting article. I am a fan and have started following you...keep it coming on the technical front

Aparna said...

Hi, is there any way where we can take the test online?